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Dr. Sangeeta Negi
Assistant Professor


Educational Qualification:    

Ph.D in Physics from University of Delhi, Delhi, 2012.

M.Sc. in Physics from RDVV, Jabalpur, M.P., 2003.

B.Sc. in Physics from RDVV, Jabalpur, M.P.



Working as Assistant Professor in Department of Applied Science and Humanities, Dronacharya College of Engineering, Khentawas, Farrukhnagar, Gurgaon since July 2012 till date.

Assistant Professor at Institute of Home Economics (Delhi University) (29/8/11-20/4/12).

Senior Research fellow CSIR (2011-2012).

Project fellow in a UGC Major Research Project (2007-2010).




  •  Chaotic behavior of ion exchange phenomena in polymer gel electrolytes through irradiated polymeric membrane, Sangeeta Rawat, BarnamalaSaha, Awadhesh Prasad and Amita Chandra, Physics letter A, 376, 2012, 1915-1918.
  • Ion track based novel nanostructures: A step towards magnetic nanosensor, Amita Chandra and Sangeeta Rawat, Nanodevice and Nanomaterials for Ecological Security, Springer, Editor: Yuri shunin and Arnold Kiv. NATO Science for Peace and Security Series B: Physics and Biophysics, 2012, Part 2, 281-289, DOI:10.1007/978-94-007-4119-5_25
  • Chaotic motion of ions in polymer gel electrolyte: First observations, Amita Chandra, Sangeeta Rawat, BarnamalaSaha and Awadhesh Prasad, Solid State Ionics, 225; 2012 751-754.
  • I-V behavior of transition metal oxides´ nanoparticles confined in ion tracks, Journal of nanoparticle research, Sangeeta Rawat and Amita Chandra, 13, 2011, 5265-5273.
  • Study of ferro fluid in confined geometry, Journal of colloid and interface science, Sangeeta Rawat, D. Fink, Amita Chandra, Volume350, Issue1, October2010, Pages51-57.
  • Study of surface morphology of ferro fluid deposited etchedion tracks in dielectriclayer. Radiation Measurements, Sangeeta Rawat, Amita Chandra, Volume 45, Issue7, August 2010, Pages 844-849.
  • Transition metal oxides in etched ion tracks: Surface morphological studies Sangeeta Negi and Amita Chandra, Radiation measurements,Volume 322, 1 March 2014, Pages 41–47.
  • Impedance spectroscopy of ion track etching, Sangeeta Rawat, Dietmer Fink and Amita Chandra, Communicated.
  • Ion selection and movement through irradiated polymer foil, Sangeeta Rawat, Dietmer Fink and Amita Chandra, Communicated.


  • Research Methodology, IUCEE virtual Academy, U.C. Davis Univ. USA, 27 Jan2013- to 31 March 2013.
  • Chaotic behaviour of gelelectrolyte throug hirradiated polymericmembrane. Sangeeta Rawat, Barnamala Saha,Awadesh Prasad, Amita Chandra, International Conferenceon Electroactive Polymers, November 21-26, 2010, Surajkund, India.
  • Nano Electronic sensors employing polymer-electorlytes, Mamta Saroch, Sangeeta Rawat, Puja Diwan, D. Finkand Amita Chandra, International Conferenceon Electroactive Polymers, October12-17, Jaipur, India.
  • Polymerelectrolyte andits compositesinSi-electronicsfor Nano-sized sensors, Amita Chandra, Mamta Saroch, D.Fink, Sangeeta Rawatand Puja Diwan, 7th National Conferenceon Solid StateIonics.


Special Competency:   

Instruments- AFM,VSM, XRD, Labview, Impedance Spectroscopy.

Synthesis-Synthesis of various nanoparticles (Transition metal oxides).

YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD: National conference on Solid State Ionics 2011, JIIT (Noida).