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  • Sarah Khan and S.K. Singh, DO-BOD Modeling of River Yamuna for Delhi Segment Comparing the Actual Case of Low Water Discharge with that of the Flow Required to be Maintained to Meet Out Environmental Flow Concern of Various Stretches, in International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology Vol. 2, Issue 5, May 2013.
  • Sarah Khan and S.K. Singh, Assessment of the impacts of point load on River Yamuna at Delhi stretch, by DO-BOD Modeling of river, using MATLAB Programming", in International Journal of Engineering and Innovative Technology (IJEIT) ISO 9001:2008 Certified.
  • Presented paper in the National level student conference titled, Bus rapid transit system (2009).
  • Presented paper in technical paper presentation conference, Concept of Green building (2010).
  • Presented paper in International Conference on Civil Engineering ispace-2013 titled,Global Scenario and Economic benefits of Carbon Sequestration Techniques, UASB Technology: an approach for waste water treatment with methane recovery and energy conservation.
  • Presented paper in 62nd annual national conference, Indian Association of Occupational Health-2013, titled Ocupational Health Hazards: Agricultural field.