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Project is about Online Compiling which is a part of Cloud Computing. In which we can compile and run our source code related to Java, Jsp, C, C++,etc on browser. It is possible by instaling JDK (Java Development Kit) on browser by which this source code will also compile and run on those systems which doesn't have JDK installed i.e it is not necessary for client server to install JDK.

This project contains and covers many of the web based programming and Programming Languages topics.

This project contains:


It is used in the project for designing the framework.

It is also used for providing the hyperlink.

Table tag is used in the project.

It is used to form table in the output region present in the web page


2.) JAVA

It is mainly used in coding.

It is used in database connectivity.

It also used in file system.



A JSP file is a file with the .jsp extension containing HTML and specific tags:-


<Servlet> tags to integrate a servlet within the HTML code.

JSP syntax tags (there are four different types).

Through the use of tags, JSP can easily integrate Java code within the HTML code. The main advantage of this mechanism compared to servlets, is the separation between the data

(Directly encoded in HTML) and the logic (process) provided by Java. 
JSP can be used to access reusable components (servlets, JavaBeans, Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)).