Book Inventory Management System




Book  shop  Management  System  is  Computerized  Management  System  through  which  you  can  work  efficiently  and  fast.  Computerized  Management  System  reduces  the  efforts  of  Management.

With  the  computerization  of  existing  system  we  get  various  reports  and  other  information  quickly,  timely  and  correctly.  The  advantage  of  computerized  data  processing  is  that  it  is  very  fast  and  accurate.  Computerization  reduces  clerical  work  and  other  expenses

The  present  system  allows  managing  the  book  details  at  Book  Shop  and  keep  tracing  of  sold.  This  also  allows  you  add  new  Books  to  your  stock  and  keeping  their  details.   

This  project  fulfills  all  the  requirements  of  the  Book  Shop  Management  like  adding  new  book  details,  deleting  previous  book  details,  updating  stock  or  price,  querying  a  book  and  display  desired  book  details,  searching  a  particular  book  etc. 

The  rest  of  this  SRS  document  describes  the  various  system  requirements,  interfaces,  features  and  functionality  in  detail.




An inventory-control system is the mechanism within a company that is used for efficient management of the movement and storage of goods and the related flow of information. Product resellers have access to technology-driven software programs that help optimize inventory control, which is critical in achieving business success. Getting product to customers on time and as inexpensively as possible are the main goals of an inventory-control system.