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Introduction: Basics of pattern recognition, Design principles of pattern recognition system,

Learning and adaptation, Pattern recognition approaches, Mathematical foundations – Linear

algebra, Probability Theory, Expectation, mean and covariance, Normal distribution, multivariate

normal densities, Chi squared test.


Statistical Patten Recognition: Bayesian Decision Theory, Classifiers, Normal density and

discriminant functions,

Unit – III

Parameter estimation methods: Maximum-Likelihood estimation, Bayesian Parameter

estimation, Dimension reduction methods - Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Fisher Linear

discriminant analysis, Expectation-maximization (EM), Hidden Markov Models (HMM),

Gaussian mixture models.

Unit - IV

Nonparametric Techniques: Density Estimation, Parzen Windows, K-Nearest Neighbor

Estimation, Nearest Neighbor Rule, Fuzzy classification.

Unit - V

Unsupervised Learning & Clustering: Criterion functions for clustering, Clustering Techniques:

Iterative square - error partitional clustering – K means, agglomerative hierarchical clustering,

Cluster validation.


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