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Accelerating communication services provider business transformation 16.09.14
Fast and Accurate Simulation of Installed Antenna Performance 17.09.14
How Open Source Spurs Innovation at CSC-Achiving Compliance,Cultural and Corporate Success 19.08.14
Iteration Innovation for Communication Engineering 24.08.14
Modeling Batteries and Fuel Cells using COMSOL Multiphysics 14.08.14

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name date presenter
Virtual Academy: Assessing Learning Outcomes Sat, Feb 28, 2015

Uma Garimella

IUCEE Virtual Academy Monday, Feb 1 Krishna Vedula
Presence and Promise of India Tuesday, March  11 Professor Subhash Kak
Introduction to Virtual Machines on Microsoft Azure Tuesday, march 18 microsoft
Smarter Product Development series – Part 3: Agile and Security April 18, 2015 Bruce Powel Douglass
How to Utilize Open Source in Your Code Base and Build Process 17 Febuary 2015 Marek Sadowski
Get Ready for Internet of Things: Speed innovation with Continuous
Engineering for Electronics
26 March 2015  
Get Your Head out of the Cloud and into Open Source Software Security and
19 march 2015  
Open Source Software Security - Mitigating Risks from Development,
Integration, Distribution and Deployment
4 March 2015  
Enabling the Maker of Things in the Internet of Things 19 Feb 2015  
Modeling of Capacitive and Resistive Devices 9 April 2015