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                              Under Guidance of Mr. Jitendra Kumar Chauhan


                                                             UNDER-TAKEN BY

  1. SWAPNIL SHUKLA                   DGIGN-13-CSE-8074
  2. SUSHIL TIWARI                         DGIGN-13-CSE-8073
  3. SAGAR BAJPAYEE                    DGIGN-13-CSE-8059



To create an Android App through which the birth registration of child can be done.



This  is a birth registration application intended for registration of new born babies that captures the information on smart devices .This Registration are streamed to the authorized station for processing ,verification and validation of the births .Use the app for piloting phase , and kindly allow the app to report back any crash reports at your convenience. In this Application we have provided a user-friendly interface to make it easy to use , People from all walk of life can use it effortlessly with ease.


In this App firstly, a link is given which tells the whole procedure of birth registration so that the person can follow  process  more easily. Then we have used the location tracker to know the location of the user so that we can redirect the user to the nearest central birth registration center for further process.After that we have given an another link for Application form.All the necessary information will be asked by the user regarding the birth data of child .When the user will submit the Application form after filling all the Query , an automatic Application no. will be generated.

Now for further process the user will have to go to the nearest birth registration center   and follow the necessary steps.

We have also provided a link through which the user can keep tracking of his application by entering the Application no.If the verification process has completed then the soft copy of birth certificate can be downloaded from the App.