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1. Attended "Internalising your website? There's an app for that" conducted by IEEE

2. Attended "The key to unlocking the the economic value of fast data in the cloud" conducted by IEEE.

3. Attended "Accelarating communications service provider business transformation" conducted by IEEE.

4. Attended "Connecting your future to the internet of everything" conducted by CISCO

5. Attended "Effective QML- from the trenches" conducted by ICS

6. Attended "Electromagnetic simulation of composite materials and cable" conducted by CST

7. Attended "Learn quickbase for project" conducted by Cisco WebEx

8. Attended "What does it take to deploy IBM security QRADAR?" conducted by IBM

9. Attended "The future of innovations, ideas and problem solving " conducted by Social Media Today

10. Attended "3D on web - Introduction to WebGl" conducted by Microsoft

11. Attended "Getting started with Adobe Connect Training" conducted by Adobe

12. Attended "Integration Testing and Service Virtualization in a WebSphere Environment" by IBM

13. Attended "IBM Security Webcasts"

14. Attended "Tech Insider: Modeling of Capacitive and Resistive Devices."

15. Attended "5 Steps to Securing Your Company's "Crown Jewels""

16. Attended "Memristors & Chaos Theory in Communication Engineering /IT/ICT Part 2;K.K.Saini"

17. Attended "Memristors & Chaos Theory in Communication Engineering /IT/ICT Part 1;K.K.Saini"