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In today's time cases of road death's and auto buglary is continously on a constant rise. So in order to curb this menace we've made an attempt by fabricating a mechanism which puts a crackdown on such issue's of negligence and road death's.



1) System will prevent the car from starting if it senses alcohol above a permissible limit (5g/litre of breath)

2) System automatically cuts off the fuel supply if driver has consumed alcohol beyond a certail limit while the car is in motion by applying gradual brakes.

3) System won't allow the car to start unless the driver and the person accompanying him hasn't put on the seat belt.

4) System will raise an alarm and send message to the car owner if, rotation and any unwanted movement at the rear axleof car is detected given the ignition system is off or any simillar kind of attempt to steal the car is made.


A Sensing and Diagnostic Module (MICROPROCESSOR) is used which calibrates the amount of alcohol sensed by Alcosensor which in turn sends signal to the solenoid fuel injectors to on/off fuel supply. further a sensor on the seat belt ensures that fuel supply is made available to engine if the seatbelt is in place by giving signals to SDM and vice versa. furthermore an I.R. sensor at the rear axle of car detects any foul rotation and movement or nay theft attempt thus alerting the owner of the car by message and  by ringing an alarm.