Webinars Webinars

~~1. Attended IEEE Webinar: How Academic Research Strengthens Technology- Based Social Ventures on 21st Feb 2015
2. Attended webinar "Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation by IEEE on 01-Nov-14
3. Attended webinar "3D Printing for Machine Design"  by IEEE on 06-Nov-14
4. Attended webinar "Building Security into Agile" by IEEE on 18-Sep-14
5. Attended webinar on Mobile Security: Is your business secure from the latest Mobile threats? A look at the trends and risks for the first half of 2013 on 6th November 2013
6. Attended webinar on strengthening application security capabilities while improving time to value with IBM Security AppScan on 30th October 2013
7. Attended webinar on Technical overview of high speed Data Warehousing and Analytics Appliance on 30th October 2013
8. Attended webinar on Thin film solar cell technology by 2013 Virtual Academy on 30th October 2013
9. Attended webinar on Adobe Connect-Reporting & Analytics on 8th November 2013
10. Attended webinar on Info Webinar: International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education on   8th November 2013
11. Attended webinar on Getting started with Adobe Connect on 11th November 2013
12. Attended webinar on Adobe Connect Beyond the Basics on 12th November 2013
13. Attended webinar on Adobe Connect - 20 Tips and Tricks in 30 Minutes on 13th November 2013
14. Attended webinar on Storage Webinar Series - 1 - The storage inflexion point, FLASH, by IBM on 11th November 2013
15. Attended webinar "Designing Clean Mobile Electronic Devices - Mobile Phone & Automobile Systems" by IEEE on 23-Sep-14
16. Attended Webinar "Tech Insider:Accelerating Communications Service Provider Business Transformation" by IEEE on 25-Sep-14
17. Attended webinar "Cloud Network Management" by IEEE on 30-Sep-14
18. Attended webinar "Problems and Solutions in Cloud Network Management at Scale" by IEEE on 30-Sep-14
19. Attended webinar "Porous Cloud Boxes, Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures" by IEEE on 02-Oct-14
20. Attended webinar "Avoid the Pain of Internationalizing Your Website. No Strings Attached" by IEEE on 09-Oct-14
21. Attended webinar "How far we can trust BIG data analytics?" by IEEE on 14-Oct-14
22. Attended webinar "Agile and Mission-Critical IT" by IEEE on 16-Oct-14
23. Attended webinar "Simulation of Accelerator Components" by IEEE on16-Sep-14
24. Attended webinar "VoltDB and IBM Present: The Key to Unlocking the Economic Value of Fast Data in the Cloud" by IEEE on 06-Aug-14
25. Attended webinar "The Value of Cloud-based Fast Data" by IEEE on 06-Aug-14
26. Attended webinar "How to Make the Best Out of Your Engineering Days by IEEE" on 26-Aug-14
27. Attended webinar "Tech Insider:Real-time EMC/EMI testing using Very-Near-Field Methods" by IEEE on 04-Aug-14
28. Attended webinar on Automotive - Hardware in Loop Testing on 26th November 2013
29. Attended webinar on Automotive - Infotainment Test Systems on 26th November 2013
30. Attended webinar on Real Time Testing using NI VeriStand on 3rd December 2013
31. Attended webinar on Data Analysis and Management using NI DIAdem on 3rd October 2013
32. Attended webinar on Enhancing Measurement, Analysis, and Display capabilities of Visual Studio using Measurement Studio on 10th December 2013
33. Attended webinar on Exceptional Digital Experience on 4th December 2013
34. Attended webinar on How System-Level Modelling Will Help RoboThespian Walk on 4th December 2013
35. Attended webinar on : Simplifying Identity Silos and Cloud Integrations on 4th December 2013
36. Attended webinar on Symantec Backup Exec 3600 Appliance on 4th December 2013
37. Attended webinar on Test Automation using NI TestStand on 10th December 2013
38. Attended webinar on Build Test, Measurement and Automation Systems using C - LabWindows/CVI on 17th December 2013
39. Attended webinar on IBM Pureflex Systems Online Demo on 18th December 2013
40. Attended webinar "National Assessment of CVR:Preliminary Results from DOE's SVR Initiative" by IEEE on 11-Sep-14
41. Attended webinar "Paradigm Shift/Reframing" by IEEE on 12-Sep-14
42. Attended webinar "Fail Big, Dream Bigger" by IEEE on13-Sep-14
43. Attended webinar "Business Transformation for Communications Service Providers" by IEEE on16-Sep-14
44. Attended webinar "Smarter Product Development: Agile and Mission-Critical IT" by IEEE on 16-Sep-14
45. Attended webinar "Fast and Accurate Simulation of Installed Antenna Performance" by IEEE on 17-Sep-14
46. Attended webinar "Fast and Accurate Simulation of Installed Antenna Performance" by IEEE on 17-Sep-14
47. Attended webinar "Smarter Product Development series - Part 3 : Agile and Security" by IEEE on 18-Sep-14