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Password Controlled Syster

Submitted by: Vishal kaushik(15533)

Shalini yadav(15518)

Vijendar Bhati(15531)





We are designing a password controlled device in which a person can lock his our her own valuable stuff at home without the help of any other person. It consist of a microcontroller where we insert the password control programme the microcontroller is interfaced with a LCD which is used to display the password what we write. If the password entered is right then the lever will rotate and open automatically and if the password is wrong the lever wont rotate.


  • Keypad
  • LCD
  • USB




The main objective of our password controlled system project is the security and authentication which is needed in the in various organization and companies. The password controlled system is main in various millitory perposes also.


Advantages & Applications



The advantages of our project are as follows:

  1. Cost Effective.
  2. No additional gadget required.
  3. Very fast.
  4. Easy to use






We found various applications where our project best suits in. They are as follows:

  1. At Public Transport places like Railway Station and Bus stations where all the details are provided on the hoardings.
  2. At various government organization in identifying persons.